“Heaven” (written by Bryan Adams / Jim Vallance) Eric Singer – Lead Vocals Bruce Kulick – Guitars Todd Kerns – Bass and Vocals Brent Fitz – Drums and Keyboards Zach Throne – Vocals Eric Singer Bruce Kulick & The Vegas M.O.B.B.

Recorded and Mixed by Tristan Hardin at Hide Out Recording Studio, Henderson NV Video.

Edited By Dave Swiecicki.

Special thank you to Kevin Churko.

This video was made for the David Z Foundation 4th Annual Fundraiser on Sunday July 11th, 2021. The DZF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that raises money for music education in memory of David Z. To find out more or to donate visit: https://www.davidzfoundation.org Eric Singer from KISS, Bruce Kulick formerly from KISS, Todd Kerns from Slash, Brent Fitz from Slash, Zach Throne from Corey Taylor.

This cover version of the song “Heaven” by Bryan Adams featuring Bruce Kulick on guitar was an exciting experience for all of us. Eric Singer, Brent Fitz, Todd Kerns, and Zach Throne came together at The Hide Out Studio in Henderson, NV to create this special arrangement of the Bryan Adams hit song. Having two members of the KISS family was powerful enough, and then adding members of Slash and Corey Taylor gave the song a special blend of musicianship and passion. KISS fans will love this. The members from Slash work with Bruce Kulick on the KISS Kruises along with Zach Throne.