Early February, TEN years ago, my third solo disc called BK3 was released. It is music that I am very proud of, and I feel still it sounds relevant in 2020. I really was pleased with my many guest performers, such as Gene Simmons, and his son Nick, as well as Eric Singer and Tobias Sammet. (Advantasia, and Edguy) The Knack’s lead singer, Doug Fieger appeared as well as my UNION band mate, John Corabi. Steve Lukather from Toto appears on an instrumental song where we are trading guitars riffs, like dueling gunslingers.

In celebration of this ten year anniversary, I am offering some special packages if you order the signed BK3 CD from my website.

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  • BK3 Baseball cards (2 different ones)
  • BK3 set of rare guitar picks (6 total)

UPDATE: The first three orders for these bonuses have been received!

All the orders received after the first 3 are gone, when purchasing a signed BK3 CD for the month of February 2020, will receive:

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