Regarding UK and Germany orders: 

Please contact Joleene at  for information on how we can help you order.  

Bruce will sign your collectible items making them special. Please contact Joleene at for details on how we can help you make this happen. We have successfully arranged and shipped many autographed, personal items for Bruce’s fans.

Please do not send in any items to be signed by Bruce without contacting us first. There is a charge for his autograph. Items sent without contacting us first will not be signed or returned.

A note to EU buyers: Beginning July 1, 2021, US sellers have the option of collecting Value Added Tax (VAT) before shipping to the EU. Due to the administrative fees involved, our company has opted not to collect VAT at time of purchase. You will be responsible for any VAT due when your package arrives in your country.

You are also responsible for responding to your local post office when your package arrives, as it may not be delivered until the VAT is paid. If you do not pay the VAT in a timely manner, this may result in your package being rejected and shipped back to the USA.

A note to UK buyers:  We have suspended shipping to the United Kingdom due to a change in the way that the UK is handling Value Added Tax (VAT) beginning in 2021. The UK now requires USA sellers to collect VAT and pay an additional administrative fee to process orders to the UK. We are unable to ship to the UK until we have obtained a VAT registration from the HMRC.

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