Welcome to Kulicks Pancake Recipes

My wife Lisa and I have always enjoyed pancakes. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and they are so versatile; there’s a pancake for every person! Not to mention, countries around the world have found new and unique ways to present them, so there are endless pancake recipes to try. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit and everything closed down, we found that trying new pancake recipes together was a great new way to flex our creative muscles at home. We’ve always enjoyed cooking together, but this became a great way to travel around the world from the comfort of our own home.

Thanks to this project, cooking has become a passion for my wife and me. In fact, we’ve gained plenty of confidence in the kitchen this way and all while having fun doing it! I’ve learned there’s nothing like sharing a pancake breakfast with our family and friends and seeing them experience pancakes as good as the ones they get at restaurants or even, dare I say it, better than the restaurants!

We’ve made so many different pancake recipes for our family and friends with a variety of dietary restrictions. If you’ve been looking for a new recipe for your household, maybe you’ll find you like one of ours:

Here are some of our Pancake Recipes

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