• Custom M-1 ESP

KISS GUITAR of the MONTH ESP Custom White M-1

October’s KISS Guitar of the Month, is a beautiful pearl white metal flake finish Custom M-1 ESP. It was first used for the HITS Tour, without the tortoise shell pick guard. By the time of the Revenge Tour, the guard was added. It features a chrome Floyd Rose, Duncan pickup, Rosewood fingerboard, and the large style “hockey stick” headstock from that era. Listen to the biting tone in my video, as heard on stage and in the studio (Revenge LP) and featured as well on KISS Alive III. In many ways, its related my Banana M-1 from ESP as well. An excellent guitar that screams KISSTORY.

  • KISS Guitar of the Month September 1953 Les Paul

KISS GUITAR of the MONTH 1953 Les Paul

Here’s an amazing LP that has a fantastic tone, unique beauty, and has a big part in Kisstory. It was born as a 1953 Goldtop LP, that over the years had it’s conversion to be closer to a “59 Burst”. I bought in the late 80’s from my brother.