It’s time to share some of my thoughts of my amazing trip to Finland. The fans are incredible and my 3 events were successful and personally rewarding. My music from KISS connects me to everyone, and that makes each event special.

My two clinics gave me the opportunity to get up close and personal, along with the stories of how they were created.  I also got a chance to share my personal thoughts on what it means to me, and how that experience can shape their lives too.  I never take for granted my talent and what I accomplished in being the KISS guitarist for 12 years, (along with many other famous artists).  Having achieved so much in my blessed career, I believe sharing it with my fans is important and as valuable to me as it is for the fans listening and watching me play.

My last event was a live set with some great musician friends in Finland, the “KAFF All Stars”.  Former members of Lordi, and other artists, they were a joy to perform my set of hits from the 80’s in the fun town called “Humppila”.  The mayor is a huge KISS fan, and I met all the city officials who were super excited to take a photo and have a chat with the American KISS guitarist!  I felt like I was in an TV episode  “Parks and Recreation”!

There is so much I can share about the people of Finland, and it’s all absolutely beautiful.  I love the food, the scenery, the vibe. I was treated so well by everyone it was so good to visit and perform there.

It’s been 7 years since my last international trip. Seeing the fans in Finland made me realize once again, that KISS fans in that part of the world, hold very dear the non-makeup years, and I have become a soundtrack of their lives. That is something I cherish and will to my last breath appreciate and honor.

Photos by BK, Marko @marsyrjaphotos, and for Humppila Live Photos by Taru Saarinen.

Special thanks to Marko Syrjala, President of KISS Army Finland, Nicolas Kostadimas from Mother Management (my representative in Europe), the musicians from the awesome KAFF band, and all the people at the hotels and venues that were so accommodating during my time in Finland. Thanks to Santtu Lehtiniemi from ESP Guitars in Finland for the guitar tech help!  And a huge thank you of course to my fans that made this week of my life so special. I am truly grateful for your support!

The Great 80’s Festival


Humppila, Finland

Bruce Kulick- Guitar

Sampsa Astala – Vocals

Lende Peisa – Keyboards/backing vocals

Bazie 69 – Guitar/backing vocals

JP Pusa – Guitar

Marko Syrjälä – Bass

Eddie X – Drums/backing vocals