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Crazy Nights signed by Bruce!

Kickin’ off with the smash hit, “Crazy Crazy Nights”, you know the band means business with crunching guitars and hooks to keep your mind filled with “all things KISS”. From Gene’s “No No No” with Eric’s double bass drums, and Paul Stanley’s killer ballad named “Reason to Live” the strong tracks never stop. “I’ll Fight Hell to Hold You” and “Turn on the Night” show Paul’s dominance on vocals and songwriting. Gene takes stabs at songs that slice you deep with “Hell or High Water” and “Thief in the Night”. Popular around the world, and produced by Ron Nevison, this KISS CD will forever represent KISS in top form of their genre. Signed by Bruce, it needs to be in your collection of CD’s.



In stock

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  • Crazy Crazy Nights
  • I’ll Fight Hell To Hold You
  • Bang Bang You
  • No, No, No
  • Hell or High Water
  • My Way
  • When Your Walls Come Down
  • Reason To Live
  • Good Girl Gone Bad
  • Turn On The Night
  • Thief In The Night

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