August is here with it’s heat, and this ’56 Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty is a smokin’ beast of a guitar! It became part of my axe army in 1990, finding it in Memphis along with my drummer buddy Eric Singer. I posed with it for a SIT String advert. It had creme Dimarzio P-90 size humbucking pickups later changed to black. It’s not all original but the tone, and super vintage vibe makes it one of my best! I performed with it at a rare KISS show in 1994, at the Gibson Nashville NAMM performance. Another amazing KISS connection is the engineering notes of the recordings for COS. The tracks for “Rain”, and “I Walk Alone” indicate my solos performed on this guitar makes it a true super mahogany tone machine. Vintage LP Customs are always fun to play and record with, and I am so very proud of this one!