KISS GUITAR of the Month Gibson SG Standard 1965

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This beautiful 1965 Gibson SG Standard, has it’s unique “Maestro” bridge that was offered in the 60’s. It has a “Lyre” featured on it, which is quite Deco looking. The guitar has a rosewood fingerboard. Mostly chrome parts are featured, but a nickel bridge, common for Gibson in the mid 60’s to mix the parts. (Earlier SG’s like this model would be all nickel parts, but chrome was starting to be used). Unusual tuning pegs that are non original are also on this guitar.

KISS GUITAR of the MONTH ESP Custom White M-1

By |2021-03-31T09:43:35-07:00October 7th, 2019|KISS GUITAR of the MONTH|

October’s KISS Guitar of the Month, is a beautiful pearl white metal flake finish Custom M-1 ESP. It was first used for the HITS Tour, without the tortoise shell pick guard. By the time of the Revenge Tour, the guard was added. It features a chrome Floyd Rose, Duncan pickup, Rosewood fingerboard, and the large style “hockey stick” headstock from that era. Listen to the biting tone in my video, as heard on stage and in the studio (Revenge LP) and featured as well on KISS Alive III. In many ways, its related my Banana M-1 from ESP as well. An excellent guitar that screams KISSTORY.

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