This BC Rich CUSTOM ST-III  from 1987, customized with the Radioactive symbols is an iconic KISS guitar from my Crazy Nights era. When BC Rich Guitars started to make bolt-on model guitars, they developed this shape, called “CUSTOM ST-III”. It originally came with three pickups, and I even performed with it as a three pickup model before adding the Radioactive symbols on the guitar. BC Rich, filled the holes for the other two pickups, and filled the holes for the mini switches, repainted the guitar and added the black Radioactive symbols. It was featured in the Crazy Crazy Nights video, and many photo shoots to promote the new KISS LP with the same title. My white suit outfit featured in that video was from Quicksilver (CA Surf company) material and it had those radioactive symbols. My concept of seeing it on the guitar, worked out amazing and made a very unique instrument. The guitar has a Rosewood fingerboard, a Duncan humbucker and a black Floyd Rose with fine tuners. It has another great connection to KISS, as I gave it to the late Eric Carr in the late 80’s. Eric’s guitars were not as high quality as this BC Rich. When Eric passed away, it was gifted as per Eric’s wishes and it eventually found it way back to me. It is something I am very proud to own as part of my KISS guitar collection.