Autographed KISS Asylum CD


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Asylum CD signed by Bruce!

Here’s a brand new CD of the Asylum release, Bruce’s first full album of work with KISS. Starting off with the thunder of Eric Carr’s drums on “King of the Mountain”, this CD keeps on burning your memory cells with songs like “Tears Are Falling”, “Who Wants to be Lonely” and the sexy “Uh!! All Night.” His work on lead guitar here was the start of Bruce’s many years to come as the in KISS. Signed by Bruce.



In stock

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  • King of the Mountain
  • Any Way You Slice It
  • Who Wants To Be Lonely
  • Trial By Fire
  • I’m Alive
  • Love’s A Deadly Weapon
  • Tears Are Falling
  • Secretly Cruel
  • Radar For Love
  • Uh! All Night

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