Autographed KISS Hot in the Shade CD


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Hot in the Shade (HITS) signed by Bruce!

With 15 tunes to rattle your bones (and your heart) this CD will give you a roller coaster ride of 1989 KISS music. From the single “Hide Your Heart” to the Simmons track “Betrayed” to lifting the spirit of love for the power ballad “Forever” the CD never stops entertaining. You can “Rise to It” and then hear Eric Carr sing his song called “Little Caesar”. Attitude, love, power and raunch are all included in this HITS CD. Get one signed by Bruce for you!


In stock

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  • Rise To It
  • Betrayed
  • Hide Your Heart
  • Prisoner of Love
  • Read My Body
  • Love’s a Slap In The Face
  • Forever
  • Silver Spoon
  • Cadillac Dreams
  • King of Hearts
  • The Street Giveth And The Street Taketh Away
  • You Love Me To Hate You
  • Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell
  • Little Caesar
  • Boomerang

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