The following is a transcript of Bruce’s live Twitter chat on July 24, 2020. #AskBruceK


Bruce Kulick: Welcome to my Q&A! I’ll be answering your questions for the next hour right here on Twitter! Use hashtag #AskBruceK, and I’ll answer as many questions as I can!

@AntiYouProMe1: What was the band’s honest vibe during the writing/sessions for Carnival of Souls? With the rumors of the reunion already swirling, it didn’t seem like G&P were truly into it. I happen to love the album. Cheers!

Bruce Kulick: We were moving forward and only 3/4 of the way through it when it was confirmed that the reunion would happen.


@Franks74Richard: What was the most funniest thing that ever happened to you in your time with KISS? 

Bruce Kulick: Eric Carr was throwing toilet paper rolls into a stall where Gene was doing his “business,” and Gene was throwing them back. Now that was funny!


@AlexMcGreevy2: #belfast ‘88 was my first #KISS concert. It was also a rough time in our conflict and a tough place to live. It was also a tough gig for KISS. What are your memories of that show – and did you all want to come here in the first place?

Bruce Kulick: I did want to come, but I was very disappointed with the fans spitting on us. They said it was “affection.” I don’t think so.


@MikeNiemiec: Hey Bruce, I have 2 questions. 1. As a drummer I’ve always wondered about the breakdown section in King of the Mountain you did with Eric Carr before the solo. Was that something that you came up with yourself or did Eric have any input in it?

Bruce Kulick: I actually have to give credit to Paul for directing and creating much of that.


@jamesplaysmusic: You love to play your #KISS melodies on the #Kisskruise & I wondered if you ever suggested doing those when you were in the band? Also why did #kiss choose Bang Bang You over Turn on the Night live on the Crazy Nights Tour – thanks

Bruce Kulick: No, we never considered medleys. Song choices were always left to Paul and Gene. No idea why Bang over Turn On.


@jwfflipper: How dangerous was it to do Hide your heart on top of the building?

Bruce Kulick: Aside from the closeness of the helicopter, it was fine!


@rich_goad: Did you really play keyboards live on Reason to Live on the Crazy Nights tour or was it just for show? As I believe you had a real keyboard player (Gary Corbett) behind the scenes

Bruce Kulick: I could barely play it correctly with my guitar over my neck, so Gary’s keyboard was what you heard.


@jamesheneghan: what song/songs did you hate playing on tour with Kiss?

Bruce Kulick: Some songs I got tired of, but I never hated them.


@RadioUnholy: Were you surprised that the current line up re-recorded Forever for the Jigoku-Retsuden compilation in 2008? Your thoughts on it ?

Bruce Kulick: I never actually heard it, but it’s not uncommon for major artists to re-record for license use.


Rochelle Norlund: How did you first meet Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons? How did you become a member of KISS?

Bruce Kulick: Paul I met with my brother in the late 70s, and I met Gene when they were recording “Creatures,” as well as Eric Carr. I filled in for Mark St. John, and later asked me to join.


Gary Stuckey: How do you think your style has changed with each KISS album?

Bruce Kulick: I always played what I felt was the best for the material chosen. I have highlights on all of them, I think.


Matt French: What is your process for writing riffs? Do you tend to lean more towards chords or scales to build riffs?

Bruce Kulick: I actually do both. The creative process is whatever comes off my fingers that I like.


Pierre Lampron: Why didn’t you ask Gene to have your superb band opening for KISS?

Bruce Kulick: With my Grand Funk commitments, it would have been a challenge if they asked.


Daniel Theodoro: When KISS came to Brazil in 1994, whs that your first time here? Did you fear for your safety so close to to fans? It looked like a riot was going to get started!

Bruce Kulick: Yes, it was my first time. I actually was never that fearful. The fans LOVED us!


Tero Peru: How did you get along with Vinnie Vincent during the Revenge recordings? Is he or Gene playing the intro buzz sound on Unholy?

Bruce Kulick: I don’t know if that sound is Gene or VV. I never saw him at the studio, only at Gene’s house one time.


Philip Anthony Dorton: Any future plans with John Corabi and Union or ESP?

Bruce Kulick: There is some communication with John about Union in the future. We’ll keep you all posted.


@Maikeme: Any songs/ demos that you remember recorded with Kiss and still remain unreleased?

Bruce Kulick: Yes. “Do You Want To Touch Me Now?” Amazing song. No vocals are on it.


@ELRLive: Hey Bruce, I know there are two different endings to the Reason to Live video – do you know why it was changed and why we can’t find the original anywhere today?

Bruce Kulick: I wasn’t aware. Thanks for sharing that!


@AndyReidIcculus: Do ppl still talk to you about the Korg G3 demo. I used to call it all the time. Nice solo.

Bruce Kulick: I lost that pedal a long time ago! No idea.


@Toddforce1: always wondered if you have a big KISS collection like how Gene does and if so whats your favorite piece?

Bruce Kulick: I’ve always said I collect “ME.” My faves are some jewelry items and some of those items Lisa has been sharing lately. #LisaLaneKulick


@KelliAnnHarro: what is your all. time. fave. song to perform live? Thanks Bruce!

Bruce Kulick: There’s a few, like “Unholy,” “Tears are Falling,” and “Forever.”


@beerandsteaks: Were there any parts of the Kiss catalog that was harder than most to learn or did you have to woodshed for any of Aces parts?

Bruce Kulick: “100,000 Years” I felt Ace’s riffs were unique and challenging. I enjoyed performing them.


@tone_a21 when kiss hired tommy Thayer to replace ace frehley were there any discussions on you coming back?

Bruce Kulick: I wasn’t approached, and Tommy was the right guitarist to become The Spaceman.


@80smusicmanKB: Hi @brucekulick – one of my all time fav Kulick era songs is “No No No”…question…What inspired that riff?

Bruce Kulick: The intro was meant to be a big “look at me” kind of lead, followed by a tricky hammer-on as well. I was successful in the approach.


@mikey686868: Did you ever play any uncredited solos on any other group’s albums that we may be familiar with?

Bruce Kulick: Great question, but no. Only KISS preferred ghost guitar work.


@prairiestrings1: what’s your most favorite riff on a Kiss song that you didn’t perform on?

Bruce Kulick: Again, there is something about “100,000 Years!” “Parasite” and “Watching You” also – great riffs.


@joepappalardo: what was your favorite @kiss tour you played on?

Bruce Kulick: Probably Hot in the Shade. It was a long setlist and a great bill.


@RustyBlade65: Are you still in touch with Michael Bolton and would you ever consider doing a Blackjack gig?

Bruce Kulick: We are still friends, and if Michael wanted to do rock again, he knows I’m ready.


@BrianRReda1: Have you thought of doing a theater tour with the band that you play with on the kiss cruise and if you do could you come to Youngstown Ohio

Bruce Kulick: I miss Ohio! I would love, when possible, to do shows with the Kruise band.


@EspressoOscar: The guitar you played the most touring with #Kiss in the 80s and #Meatloaf in the 70s?

Bruce Kulick: Meat Loaf was a ’63 Strat. KISS in the 80s: Every tour, I changed freakin’ guitars!


@RagooDaniel: Thoughts on Paul’s Guitar Playing ?

Bruce Kulick: Paul’s a great rhythm player who always could contribute ideas for the leads, but not execute them like his lead guitarists.


@MarcelloFranco: Which KISS album was the hardest to record and why?

Bruce Kulick: Revenge was a challenge. Dealing with Eric’s illness and wanting perfection. Ezrin demanded the best of us.


@ELRLive: Hey Bruce. I was always a huge fan of the KISS eXposed video back in the late 80s. You and Eric didn’t have much in the way of speaking parts in it – were there other scenes filmed that didn’t make it in the video?

Bruce Kulick: It was exciting for Gene and Paul to star in a movie of sorts. The sharing of screen time was not possible. My scene was “Edit her out!” I might have had one more line than that.


@CarolCooper52: Hi Bruce, do you have a favourite guitar you like to play when you perform on stage?

Bruce Kulick: Yes. Lately it’s my ESP MII. It’s black and powerful.


@KenKnoxPhD: Loved your work in Kiss and love your work in Grand Funk Railroad. Have GFR thought of incorporating a Kiss tune in their set similar to Second Chance for Max? If so, what would be your choice?

Bruce Kulick: It never came up. I never pushed it, and I have no idea what song could ever be done.


Michael E. Will you continue doing performances with your wife, and does she feel that singing the KISS songs is a challenge?

Bruce Kulick: We change the key sometimes for Lisa, and she would say she does her best to make the songs her own but stays true to the essence of Gene and Paul. There is a list of more songs that we are going to do.


@Gates9Trent: Sword & the Stone is a great unreleased track Have you played it live at any point in time?

Bruce Kulick: We have! Look up past KISS Kruise footage for video.


@drummernowlin: When can we expect BK4?

Bruce Kulick: Working on new music with my Kruise band first.


@64Thor: Is there any musical artist that you haven’t collaborated with but would like to in the future?

Bruce Kulick: I’m still dying to play with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr!


@garycstuckey: Do you think Kiss will have a final reunion concert/album with you on it?

Bruce Kulick: Album? No idea. Gig? Sure…


Wes B. Will you be making more multi-swirl ESP-LTD guitars?

Bruce Kulick: I recently ordered more due to popular demand. I’ll keep you posted when available.


Anthony A. How did Chris Jericho approach you for the Kuarantine cover project?

Bruce Kulick: Eric S. introduced me to Kent, the drummer, and I’ve known Chris for a very long time. He’s a huge BK-era KISS fan!


@rco421: Hey Bruce thanks for being an inspiration for me to play guitar. My question is how did you find out you weren’t going to be in Kiss anymore and how did you feel about it

Bruce Kulick: There was a meeting at Gene’s house, and it was explained that the reunion tour would start soon. If it was successful, they would stay in makeup. Of course I was sad, but I understood.


@ivanalovegun: There was a musical instrument that Your ever tried to played but you didn’t like it at all? For example in my case, I tried to played piano but well…It wasnt for me i Guess lol

Bruce Kulick: I was terrible at wind instruments and even worse on drums. But I fantasize about playing the cello!

Bruce Kulick:  It was so much fun to chat with you all! Be sure to visit my Bruce Kulick shop at for autographed photos, CDs, guitar picks, and even personalized videos and guitar instruction opportunities.