I am excited to share with you all, my redesigned simpler website!  My web designer and I have been working hard, and now it’s finally live! The name of my site for many years was kulick.net.  Many of you visited, read my blog stories, saw many features that I shared about my career and ordered merchandise. I was always proud of it, but it was time to move into a simpler home page design.  I hope you enjoy the look and feel of the new .com site. And believe me when I tell you, a fan of mine from Norway actually gifted me the ownership name of this new site. He heard me speaking in an interview about not being able to have my .com name. He took the time and effort to get it, and give it to me! Of course you still can look at my older .net site, as it will always live on in an archival manner from my new website.

Now you all know there has been some wonderful things to share with you in the KISS world. The success of KKVIII, and all the performances have made me so proud. I am aware not all of you can make it on the KISS Kruise, but I can share with you all the wonderful events that happened on this incredible KISSTORY making trip on the seas of the Atlantic Ocean.

Having a reunion on stage with the band, was 23 years in the making! THAT certainly is news!  On the sail away kick off show by KISS, Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy invited me on stage for two songs of my KISS era to feature me. “Domino” and “Hide Your Heart” were performed on the pool deck. It was such an “Unplugged” flashback for me! Then to top things off, I remained on stage to welcome original KISS guitarist, Ace Frehley! He started “2000 Man” and the fans went wild. We continued with his hit, “NY Groove”.  After featuring Ace it was time to do “Nothing To Lose” with Eric Singer on lead vocal.  We then ending the jam with the anthem, “Rock N Roll All Nite”. It was an unforgettable evening for me, and it was Halloween as well!  But the night was not over. Not at all!  After Ace Frehley’s show, it was time for my band to perform a set of songs rarely, and sometimes never performed before live from my era of the band, 1984-1996.

The crowds reaction to songs like “King of the Mountain” from Asylum, to Revenge’s “Thou Shalt Not” and “Heart of Chrome” was wonderful to see. We included some fun medleys that featured many songs never or rarely done by the band live. The Crazy Nights  song medley featured “Hell or High Water” into “I’ll Fight Hell To Hold You” into “When Your Walls Come Down” into “No No No” and ending with an unreleased well known KISS track called “Sword and Stone”.  How’s that for excitement!  It was so great to see them freaking out with these songs being performed for them.

We did a HITS era medley featuring “Rise To It” into “X in Sex”, and “Rock Hard” from Smashes Trashes and Hits, ending with a song dedicated to Eric Carr, named “Lil Caesar” from HITS. Well fans were crying! We ended the set with “God Gave Rock N Roll To You” and the crowd and my band were ecstatic from the events of this long evening.

The KKVIII, continued with a long meet and greet for me for few days later, and my band that features two talented Canadians from Slash’s band, Todd Kerns on lead vocals and guitar and my dear drummer friend Brent Fitz, (also from the band I had in 1998-2000 named UNION). On bass and vocals is the talented Zach Throne who was the new man on the ship.  The fans loved all the strong vocals and instrumentation they provided me.  So the meet and greet was over 3 hours! But me and my band had one more set to leave the Kruisers with an strong impression and we amply provided a winning list of BK era songs.  Here’s the set list!


  • King of the Mountain
  • Thou Shalt Not
  • Tears Are Falling
  • CN Medley
  • (Hell/Fight/Walls/NoNoNo/Sword)
  • HITS Medley
  • (Rise/X/RockHard/LilCaesar)
  • Take it Off
  • Forever
  • COS Medley
  • (Hate/Master &Slave /Rain / In the Mirror)
  • God Gave
  • Uh! All Night
  • Turn on the Night

You may know already, but the reaction to Carnival of Souls medley was insane!  I want to thank Paul, and Gene for the invite, and Eric and Tommy for the time we spent on the Kruise hanging out. It was really great bonding with them on a trip like this.  The fans of course are always wonderful to me, and I was very happy to perform these songs for them.  I hope to be involved in future Kruises! Thank you all for the great reaction to the gigs on KKVIII!!

Another thing to let you all know, is my merchandise store is open again! And I have many new items for you all just in time for the holiday season.   Don’t miss out on these limited edition items! Limited Edition Red BK3 Vinyl, an Axe Heaven Multi-Swirl Mini Guitar from my Asylum era, and a new Radioactive Photo Pick Pack are all ready to be yours!

Please have fun navigating on the new website! I am very grateful for your support with my 40+ year career as a guitarist and performer. I hope to continue sharing my love of music and guitar and of course my KISS years with you all. And please visit Grand Funk’s website to see if you can catch a show with me on lead guitar. The shows are always “Some Kind Of Wonderful”!

All the best,

Bruce Kulick