My relationship with ESP started in 1985. The M-1 model (single pickup super Strat style guitar) was something I was immediately attracted to. Just in time for the KISS Asylum tour this unique Flip Flop blue burst finish was something I was thrilled to perform with. It featured an alder body, originally an EMG pickup, later changed to Seymour Duncan, black Floyd Rose, black tuners, rosewood fingerboard, and a small headstock with the large ESP logo.  I used the guitar during my featured solo on the Asylum tour, and it appears in the Hot Licks guitar instruction video as well. 
This replica was gifted to me last year by the custom shop of ESP (Made in Japan). It is VERY close to the original ‘85 guitar which hangs in a display case at the Hard Rock Cafe in London England.  Colorful and powerful, I immediately think of my exciting early KISS years when I see this fantastic Flip Flop Blue ESP M-1!