I started my relationship with ESP Guitars in 1985. I was impressed with their M-1 models, and the second one I got from them became known as the Multi-Swirl! It was very unique, and became iconic with the KISS Asylum tour and the KISS video for “Who Wants to be Lonely.” The details of the paint finish and the metal parts are truly unique. I have to give Paul Stanley credit for the concept of multi-swirl design, and with his guidance, ESP created this finish and even went on to use it on other models (in different color schemes) and even other artists embraced this look.

Each instrument made was unique, but similar enough to be associated the first one created. In addition to the colorful finish, the metal parts of the guitar, that could have different finishes were mixed. Usually a Floyd Rose Tremelo or a guitar’s tuning pegs are chrome, black or gold. For this model guitar it has a mixture of these colors, as a style connecting the various colors of the finish, making it super unique. A fast feeling Ebony neck, with one Duncan Custom pickup, I had another strong performing M-1 model that had plenty of “Look at Me!!”

This is actually my LTD Multi-Swirl Replica, the original one is in a collection of a Swedish KISS fan, who also has outfits from all members from the Asylum era! (Henrik Toftling, I know you’re proud, and thanks for the photos!). ESP Guitars has created a limited number of LTD versions of this Multi-Swirl model for me, and they sold out fast both times. It’s a guitar from my KISS years that I am very proud of and of course, very special with the design.