• Hand Autographed BK Multi-Swirl Photograph Here we see Bruce posed for an ESP advert, holding the custom painted ESP M-1. Taken during the Asylum era, like the guitar he is holding, there’s a color backdrop of clothing in the KISS wardrobe cases behind him! Pure 1986!!
  • Hand Autographed BK Radioactive Photograph This 8X10 photo is Bruce during the Crazy Nights video shoot, with his 1987 custom BC Rich “Radioactive” guitar. Bruce asked Bernie Rico to paint the symbols on the Ferrari red “Gunslinger” model. The guitar is in his collection and once was owned by Eric Carr, since Bruce wanted Eric to have a good guitar to write songs with. Bruce is featured with the custom made Quicksilver Radioactive suit.
  • Hand Autographed Kiss Asylum Photograph Here we see Bruce doing some fancy fingering on his ESP M-1 Flip Flop Blue Burst. It was during his featured guitar solo, running from side to side of the stage firing off riffs, with the finale played with the guitar on the floor! Classic Asylum era photo for a special era of KISS!
  • BK3 CD

    Bruce’s third solo disc, features many artists you love! Gene Simmons, Nick Simmons, and Eric Singer, appear as well as The Knack’s singer, Doug Fieger, Bruce’s old bandmate from UNION, John Corabi, Tobias Sammet from Advantasia, and a dueling guitar song with Toto’s amazing guitarist, Steve Lukather.  Brent Fitz appears as well as Kenny Aronoff on drums.  
  • To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the release of Crazy Nights, Bruce is proud to offer a "Banana Guitar" themed pick pack. Pack Includes:
    • One (1) Guitar Pick
    • One (1) Two-Sided Photo Card
  • Hand Autographed Banana Guitar Photograph Featuring Bruce Kulick and his World Famous Banana Guitar which was used on the Kiss Crazy Nights Album. The guitar itself is a Custom ESP Guitars M-1 built for Bruce. This guitar remains in Bruce's personal collection and is still used by him today. All photos are 8x10" full color glossy prints, hand autographed and personalized to you by Bruce, and are mailed in a rigid photo mailer.