• KISS Unplugged CD signed by Bruce! Own a brand new copy signed by Bruce himself! KISS Unplugged was the first live KISS album that was not also part of KISS' "Alive" series of albums.  
  • Smashes, Thrashes, and Hits CD signed by Bruce! Own a brand new copy signed by Bruce himself! Smashes, Thrashes, and Hits was the first KISS compilation / greatest hits album to bring together hits from both the makeup and non-makeup eras of the band, along with two new songs: Let's Put The X In Sex and (You Make Me) Rock Hard.  
  • Celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the KISS LP Crazy Nights with this Limited Edition Pick Tin Set!
    4 unique guitar picks in a colorful metal pick tin. Add this Pick Tin to your collection so you can enjoy some more "Crazy Crazy Nights"!
  • Bruce and Bob Kuilick "KISS Forever" DVD Bruce and Bob Kulick share their technique and insights on three decades of KISS classics! Learn complete rhythms and solos. Running time: 150 minutes. You have the option to purchase this DVD autographed by Bruce or unsigned.
  • Carnival of Souls CD signed by Bruce! Own a brand new copy signed by Bruce himself! “COS, The Final Sessions”. Some say it was Bruce’s shining moment in KISS with 9 co-writes. A tough dark and meaner CD than anything KISS ever did before, with blistering riffs. It also features Bruce’s only lead vocal with KISS on “I Walk Alone”.  
  • Alive III CD signed by Bruce! Own a brand new copy signed by Bruce himself, this CD features some of his greatest live solos and performances recorded live in 1993. It was KISS' first live album since 1977 and includes tracks both from KISS' makeup and non-makeup years. The album rounds out with Bruce's inimitable version of "The Star Spangled Banner," which Ultimate Classic Rock ranked as one of their top ten versions of the National Anthem.  Signed by the guitarist himself.  
  • Revenge CD signed by Bruce! Own a brand new copy signed by Bruce himself, this CD features some of his favorite songs from his years in the band as lead guitarist. Produced by Bob Ezrin, and filled with some of the most popular BK era songs it’s a must have in your KISS collection. From the powerful opener of “Unholy” to the swagger of “Domino” and “Take it Off” to fabulous songs like “Heart of Chrome”, “Every Time I Look at You”, “I Just Wanna” and the anthem for Bruce’s KISS years, “God Gave Rock N Roll to You II” the music on this CD, represented a band driven by the desire to state their “Revenge” on the world! Signed by the guitarist himself.  
  • Hot in the Shade (HITS) signed by Bruce! With 15 tunes to rattle your bones (and your heart) this CD will give you a roller coaster ride of 1989 KISS music. From the single “Hide Your Heart” to the Simmons track “Betrayed” to lifting the spirit of love for the power ballad “Forever” the CD never stops entertaining. You can “Rise to It” and then hear Eric Carr sing his song called “Little Caesar”. Attitude, love, power and raunch are all included in this HITS CD. Get one signed by Bruce for you!  
  • Crazy Nights signed by Bruce! Kickin’ off with the smash hit, “Crazy Crazy Nights”, you know the band means business with crunching guitars and hooks to keep your mind filled with “all things KISS”. From Gene’s “No No No” with Eric’s double bass drums, and Paul Stanley’s killer ballad named “Reason to Live” the strong tracks never stop. “I’ll Fight Hell to Hold You” and “Turn on the Night” show Paul’s dominance on vocals and songwriting. Gene takes stabs at songs that slice you deep with “Hell or High Water” and “Thief in the Night”. Popular around the world, and produced by Ron Nevison, this KISS CD will forever represent KISS in top form of their genre. Signed by Bruce, it needs to be in your collection of CD’s.    
  • Asylum CD signed by Bruce! Here’s a brand new CD of the Asylum release, Bruce’s first full album of work with KISS. Starting off with the thunder of Eric Carr’s drums on “King of the Mountain”, this CD keeps on burning your memory cells with songs like “Tears Are Falling”, “Who Wants to be Lonely” and the sexy “Uh!! All Night." His work on lead guitar here was the start of Bruce’s many years to come as the in KISS. Signed by Bruce.    
  • Hand Autographed BK KISS '95 Photograph This photo was taken in 1995, during some oversea touring. Bruce is proudly holding a Gibson Custom shop Les Paul Custom, hand picked from the Custom shop factory in Nashville. He requested a lighter body, and wanted no pickup covers on the guitar. The guitar hangs in a Hard Rock Cafe, in Sweden.
  • Hand Autographed Kiss Asylum Photograph Here we see Bruce doing some fancy fingering on his ESP M-1 Flip Flop Blue Burst. It was during his featured guitar solo, running from side to side of the stage firing off riffs, with the finale played with the guitar on the floor! Classic Asylum era photo for a special era of KISS!

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